Community Groups

We believe in the importance of community groups.

The community groups of Creekside Church are designed to help us live out the gospel (Philippians 1:27).

The core values of Creekside community groups that enable us to live out the gospel include Bible Study, prayer, fellowship and community, and service.

When: Tuesday night

Facilitator: Jeff Aman

Host: Brett Smith’s office

Area location: N Florida & Hayes Rd

When: Thursday night

Facilitator: Monroe Fauntleroy

Host: Bob & Cindy Briesacher

Area location: Tarpon Springs Rd & Wayne Rd

When: Tueday night

Facilitator: Alan & Sarah Dever

Host: Art & Linda Horst

Area location: W Lutz Lake Fern & 41

When: Tuesday night

Facilitator: Colon Thomas

Host: Colon & Pam Thomas

Area location: Casey Rd & Old Saybrook Ave

When: Thursday night

Host: Bob Zentmeyer

Facilitator: Bob & Martha Zentmeyer

Area location: Tarpon Springs Rd & Boy Scout Rd


When: Tuesday night

(ladies only)

Facilitator: Iz Holidae

Host: Sharlene Wall

Area location: S Villiage Dr & W Villiage Dr

When: Thursday night

Facilitator: Dennis McClain

Host: Ron & Sandy Pinner

Area location: N Nebraska Ave & Whitaker Rd

When: Sunday night

(ladies only)

Facilitator: Courtney Latter & Heather McFee

Host: Shale & Courntey Latter

Area location: Livingston Ave & Sunset Ln



Contact us if you would like more information about our community groups.