How We Serve


The heartbeat of our gospel-centered church is missions, missional living, and missional support. At this point Creekside supports a small group of individuals and families serving in the United States, France, India, the Philippines, Africa, and the Dominican Republic.

Creekside Church is committed to being missional in order to advance the gospel locally, nationally, and internationally. Routinely, Creekside will organize mission teams to come alongside our mission family in supportive ways or to explore new opportunities.


Tampa bay harvest

Creekside Church partners with Tampa Bay Harvest in helping alleviate hunger in the Tampa Bay Area.  This need is fulfilled by providing food to local food kitchens and to local agencies which provide grocery items and food to the needy, and by providing a place where the needy can come and actually shop for groceries and personal hygiene items twice weekly in a grocery store type setting at no cost to the shopper. TBH also assists with the needs related to disaster relief locally, nationally, and internationally.

Friends of International Students

Creekside Church participates with Friends of International Students to provide transportation from the airport to student housing and meals for weekly campus meetings. In addition, there are many opportunities to befriend, to offer encouragement and support, and to share Christ with the internationals who come to the Tampa Bay area to study.

Serving the homeless

Creekside Church partners with other churches in the area to help feed, love, and serve the homeless in the Tampa Bay area. Once a month we go to a ministry house and prepare breakfast. Someone shares a message from the Bible with them, and then we serve them breakfast. This is a chance to get to know them, build relationships them, and share with them the greatest news in all the world.


Buff & Cissy McNickle

Grace Falls Church

Grace Falls Church is a church plant in Atlantic City, NJ established by Pastor Buff McNickle and his wife Cissy.  The church’s mission is to bring the love of Jesus and knowledge of the Good News by ministering to workers in the sex trade and gambling industries in and around Atlantic City.  The church also focuses on partnering with local nonprofits, community centers and schools who are serving the low-income communities in the Philadelphia and northeastern PA area.  These initiatives include abstinence training, Good News Bible Clubs, and Backpack Weekend Meals & Programs in the housing projects and inner-city schools in Philadelphia.  Other outreach activities are the establishment of a home for men who are dealing with addictions and other life controlling issue and holistically help them to find freedom in Christ from addiction through discipleship and missional living, assisting in the establishment of a crisis pregnancy center, establishing a Compassion Outreach Ministries for the homeless and needy in the inner city and low-income areas across the State of Pennsylvania and South New Jersey.

Sam & Kristen Marsonek

Baseball Country

Baseball Country is a 50 acre facility in West Alabama that is equipped with 2 ball fields, an indoor training facility that can house up to 46 and a mess hall with commercial kitchen that can feed 120. Our facility hosts all types of sports teams, missions groups, customized retreats and more with the sole intent of putting people in a position to experience the compelling love of Jesus. However, much of our ministry is done outside the fence in rural, impoverished and extremely segregated communities such as Eutaw and Aliceville.


Dan & Sue Ebert


A non-denominational based Christian non-profit who have been developing and training local Christian pastors and leader in Asia for over 50 years.  Their mission is focused on sharing the gospel, planting churches, building up the saints, and developing indigenous pastors and lay leaders. Their primary base of operations is the Philippines at the Hilltop Christian Ministries in Manilla. CTMF also works with Filipino leadership to run the Center for Biblical Studies and its various extensions throughout the Philippines.

Iz Holidae


Iz serves as an extended short-term missionary throughout Italy and Europe. She offers rest, spiritual and emotional care to missionaries, pastors, and ministry workers through the hospitality of Villa Sollievo, located in northern Italy. She also collaborates with fellow missionaries by serving alongside of them and providing help with discipleship and mentoring.

Evan & Perla Mays

Dominican Republic

We are Evan and Perla Mays with “Love First Ministries” working in Sosua, Dominican Republic and the surrounding areas. Everyday we run a feeding program in a local Garbage dump where people sift through the garbage finding whatever they can to survive. We are able to bring them hope in Jesus and help them with their physical needs through fresh food and hundreds of gallons of purified water daily. We are also able to have discipleship programs throughout the village the people from the dump live, build houses for the poor and much more. In March of 2020 we will also be opening an English school where we will teach them about Jesus and life skills through using English as a second language.

Please keep us in your prayers and remember Love First Always! God bless! Dios Te Bendiga!

Caleb & Victoria Earhart

Ethnos360 Training Center

Caleb and Victoria are currently at Ethnos360 Missionary Training center. They are studying things related to church planting, culture and language acquisition, and foundational Bible teaching. After training, they plan on raising the remaining support needed and then head to a country in Asia Pacific where they will begin church planting among the unreached.

Gavin & Kelsey

Serving in France and North Africa

(Last name and picture omitted for security) 

Gavin & Kelsey’s mission is to glorify God through church planting among least-reached North Africans in France. They work as part of a multi-cultural community center in an urban center of the country.”

JoJo & Caitlin Landge


Founder and director of Cooperative Outreach of India based in New Delhi.  This Christian organization actively spreads the love of Christ and the Gospel by administering to underprivileged communities in the capitol city and throughout North India. Outreach efforts are done through livelihood enhancement projects, boring of wells, education centers, vocational training centers, health clinics, hospitals, television broadcasts and other various community activities and festivals. They also actively seek opportunities to engage and empower women in these communities with education programs, self-help groups, loan management, and community gatherings with other local women. COI serves more than 1000 children in both New Delhi and North India with education programs, sponsorships, school supplies, sports activities, health clinics, and summer camps.